The Site Analysis

The most important step of any landscape design is the site analysis  which looks at the grounds and the overall conditions. It takes into consideration everything from the findings of a soil analysis to sun exposure, the amount of shade, wind exposure , drainage, flooding, salt spray, the actual size of the space, and all maintenance required to ensure that the landscape is healthy and attractive.

Concept Design

The property owner to make a list of everything they need or would like to have in their yard. The amount of available outdoor space and the homeowner’s budget will determine whether everything on their list is possible, and what features or functions are most important. 

Landscape  Design

Functional design is an important part of the design process because it gives the landscape designer the opportunity to determine where to place different activity spots and how much space each area, including the lawn installation, will need. For example, if a homeowner wants to have an outdoor eating area with an outdoor kitchen, it makes sense to place that as close to the home as possible. If the design includes edible landscaping, it will need sun and water, so a sunny location with access to water is essential.

Design Development

This stage of the landscape design includes all the necessary calculations and delves deeply into the specifics of all the structures. The architect becomes mindful of components such as stormwater management, contour grading and elevation drawings. They select one of the conceptual designs and refine it to define the necessary specifications. They make sure their plan follows code and fulfills the needs of the developer.

Construction Documentation

During this stage, the landscape architect develops documents including plans, sections, schedules, construction details, quantities and a specification for landscape construction companies to be price and build the project.


The stage when the contractor is on-site building the landscape design.
Construction often includes the following stages:

Demolition and Site Clearing
Excavation and Trenching
Services Installation (drainage, irrigation, electrical, etc)
Fine Grading
Hardscape Structure Construction (backfilling, compaction, base, footings, walls, buildings, edges, etc)
Hardscape Finishes Construction(paving, cladding, inorganic mulches)
Planting (trees, plants, organic mulch)
Final Fixtures (furniture, pavilions, lighting, etc)
Defects (identity and fix problems)
Completion (Initial and Final)

Landscape Design